Diane Devine

Diane is a musician, singer, song writer and artist.  Diane has been writing and performing her music for quite a few years now and hopes that through this website she will reach a larger audience. 

Norwich born Diane now lives in the Attleborough area of Norfolk around 10 miles from the town of Thetford with her husband Dave. 

Diane graduated from Worship Academy in 2011 and has experienced some wonderful times of inspiration and refreshing and this has given her fresh impetus in getting her God given talent out in the world. 

04 Worship our God sound bite.mp3

08 Chain breaker sound bite.mp3

14 The baby King (bonus track) sound bite.mp3

Love the way you love me.mp3

Here are just a few examples of Diane's music.  These tracks are from the most recent studio album except for Love the way you love me.  


Diane would love to come and share her music with you whether it's at your WI meeting, church hall, community event or fund raiser, in fact wherever she can share the gift that God has given her.  See the contact page for details of how to get in touch.